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Content Creation for SEO

One way to think about content creation for SEO purposes is to fill your website with enough text for robots to deem it relevant for a specific niche or set of topics.

It all starts with the website being properly optimized, but search engine don’t want a website to remain stagnant for too long. Repeated periodic posts are what allows search engines to remember your website and that it needs to be ranked higher than others because you continue to write about your niche.

Website Article Posting (blogging)

This can be time consuming for business owners, but content creation is one of the ranking factors that search engines use to rank your site. It is imperative that proper search engine optimization is done on each and ever piece of content produced, otherwise your words might go unnoticed by search algorithms.

There are millions of “bots” that constantly scour the internet to index new website content. Their index relevancy will be dictated by several factors and Mindful Coding Solutions has been writing content for SEO for a long time, so we know exactly how to properly structure your articles.

Let’s say for example that one of your services is “carpet cleaning”. We can write an article using an AI (artificial intelligence) assist so that our article hits all the right chords for those bots, and search engines will know your website is relevant to carpet cleaning and rank it higher when people search for that.

Building a website is the first step, but then regular posting will make a big difference in search engines.

“A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step.” Lao Tzu

Article Distribution

Content creation for SEO doesn’t stop with a simple article post. We make sure that your article is accessible using the same backlinking techniques as in the Local Listing Burst for SEO. We place a link and excerpt (and image, where available) on high-authority websites that will make your subject matter more visible and help with “organic search optimization”. What that means, is that we increase traffic to your website slowly over time by releasing content periodically. The alternative to this is Paid Advertising Campaigns, but the best results usually happen when both of these methods are applied simulteneously.

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