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Search Engine Optimization

This phrase is thrown around the website design world often, but what does it actually mean?

The optimization of search for a website means that, once it’s launched, it will be ranked in search engines for for the subject matter related to your niche. This means when a potential client searches for you “organically” (without paid ads), they find your site above other competitors. Mindful Coding Solutions has been ranking websites for years in many niches.

Search Engine Ranking Report

The green spaces mean you are on the first page of search results. You have first spot, spots 2-5, or 6-10, but all those are on the first page and the higher up your result, the better.

Sample weekly ranking report provided by the Local Listings Burst for SEO reports.

Main Factors Affecting Your
Search Engine Ranking Position (SERP)


Search engines count repeated words and phrases. The more instances a phrase appears, the more relevant the page becomes for that phrase.

Meta Tags

These are the "behind the scenes" pieces of text that search engines like Google know how to read. Another needed piece of the puzzle in increasing search rank.


These are places outside of your website that contain links to it. The higher the authority of the website where your links are found, the better.

Page Speed

You only have a few seconds to capture a visitors attention before they try a competitor's website for the information they need. A fast website is key.

Mobile First

The user experience means a lot to your visitors, so the information they need should be easy to digest. Your website should be readable on any device.

This list of factors always fluctuates with each search engine’s algorithm, which changes frequently to improve the search results for internet visitors. Mindful Coding Solutions follows these trends and makes sure to keep up with what works best so you can be on top of the search results.

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