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Customer Re-engagement

This is a not a new concept, but the mechanism by which it is done has improved greatly. Before, you were limited to email marketing messages, which do work, but since the explosion of mobile phones, people are more quickly to see and respond to…wait for it…SMS text messages.

We have carefully crafted funnels and automation that will walk your customers through a conversation. The conversation allows you to get those people to: set an appointment, call in to your business, or purchase a product online. The applications of this technology are many.

How Does Customer Re-engagement Work?

Your customers have likely purchased a product or service from you at some point. When that happened, you captured their basic contact information. We want to know what their name is and their phone number. You don’t really even need their email, although you could add this step in your funnel as well.

We send them a text message with their name in it and make sure they know it’s your company that is reaching out. Since you’ve already done business with them, they will see your company name and want to engage most of the time.

Per every hundred contacts, we expect you will get 2-10 of those that will be interested in continuing the conversation. They get the message right away on their phone without having to open their email program or social media chat.

This approach will allow you to keep in front of them with your latest specials and promotions and allow you to extend the “customer lifespan” substantially.

Mindful Coding Solutions has been working with a few different niches and we know the basic formulae for communicating with customers in each. You need not just make a sale to your customer and never talk to them again. We help facilitate a long and prosperous relationship.

Let Mindful Coding Solutions make your business shine.